On April 29 we are going to celebrate building things from home. We'll avoid judgment on tools, results. It's all about seeing people make stuff from their homes, use tools. The atmosphere of the day is to combine an online Maker Faire with an online tour of different home workshops as if we are in MTV Cribs.

The target audience is all first year master students Industrial Design Engineering. They are now either faced with the need to prototype from home (AED for IPD students) or think their results or learnings would improve by building from home (UXAD, ITD for DfI students) or they just feel the need to build to keep their creative juices and mental health going (SPD and all other students).

In preparation of the workshops, we ask all students (and coaches) to collect photos of things they made and are proud of on our Mural. This is also the place where students can ask questions in advance.

Schedule (sketch)


Invitation to experts: https://youtu.be/Q55IVAW9IXs

Workshops at home intros and recordings